Refresh Service Guarantee

Refresh Service Guarantee

We are so confident we’ll make good on our commitments, we offer all customers a Refresh Service Guarantee.

If we fail to provide a scheduled service visit, we’ll give you 3 for Free.^ 

Service Guarantee^  How It Works:  We set out in your Service Agreement, the ‘Terms of Service’, including the schedule for service visits to your location(s), the frequency of the service (i.e weekly, twice per month, monthly or bi-monthly) and the number of agreed service visits per year (for example 12, 24 or 52). Provided that you have provided safe access to our products and service locations during business hours, where we fail to provide a service visit, you will receive a credit for the missed service visit and the following two scheduled visits.  The Service Guarantee applies to all customers receiving a regular, ongoing service with Refresh Hygiene.

$100 Off Your First Invoice*

$100 Off*  How It Works:  We send you a quote for the first 12 months of service. If you approve and proceed with our proposal, we’ll apply a $100 discount to your first invoice.  This special offer is available to new customers, entering into a new ‘Service Agreement’ with regular ongoing service visits and a minimum annual spend of $500 or more.  This offer ends at 6pm on Thursday 23 April, 2020.