Bathroom Sanitising

Refresh Hygiene can help your business to provide healthy and hygienic bathrooms for your staff and guests.

As part of our regular service we provide a range of sanitising products for toilet seats, toilets and urinals which will create better smelling bathrooms, increase hygiene and health outcomes and reduce the risk of dangerous bacteria and pathogens spreading through your facilities.

Toilet Seat Sanitising

One of the best ways to reduce risk of people getting sick from germs and bacteria in your bathroom is to install toilet seat alcohol sanitiser sprays in each cubicle.

Your staff and guests will appreciate the opportunity to sanitise their toilet seat before they make contact, reducing risks from dangerous bacteria and germs.

Ask Us About Alcohol Sanitiser For Your Toilets.

Urinal Sanitising & Deoderising

If you’re looking to reduce smells emanating from your urinal, we have a range of scented wave mats, urinal discs and biotabs which we help reduce uric acid build up.

We also have years of experience deep cleaning urinals, which we recommend as part of your regular service.

Toilet WC Sanitising & Deoderising

If you love the idea of your toilet being cleaned every time it’s flushed and not relying on bathroom users to clean after themselves, we think you’ll love the results you get with toilet sanitiser and deoderiser, Sweet Lu.

Sweet Lu – Made in Australia
Sweet Lu is our preferred sanitising product for toilets and urinals with an external cistern. Sweet Lu will cleanse, deodorise and disinfect your toilet or urinal with every flush and the Refresh Hygiene team will monitor and replace the product during our regular visit, leaving you with clean and pleasant smelling toilets all year round.

We love providing Sweet Lu to our customers as it is not only a powerful and effective toilet bowl cleaner, it is fully recyclable, biodegradable, non-toxic, non-corrosive & phosphate free.

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