Sanitary Bins Melbourne

Refresh Hygiene has been supplying sanitary bins to Melbourne schools, businesses and commercial properties since 2008.  Our bins are suitable for all types of sanitary waste items and products such as tampons, pads, napkins, pantyliners and packaging.

You can trust Refresh Hygiene to provide a discreet and professional sanitary bin service, freeing up your valuable time to focus on core business.

leftWe Guarantee to Keep It Fresh.
We will provide you with clean, fresh sanitary bins and keep our promise of servicing on time so your staff, students and guests have a pleasant bathroom experience every time.

We are so confident of our service promise we offer all customers a Refresh Service Guarantee: If we fail to provide a scheduled service, we’ll give you 3 Services Free.^

How Often Should a Sanitary Bin be Emptied?
The vast bulk of our customers find a monthly sanitary waste service is the most appropriate but some require more frequent service and that’s ok too. The bins have a large capacity when used correctly they should easily last for one month.

Our Sanitary Bins

We provide two sanitary bin options for our customers with the most popular, standard manual lid as well as our Femcare automatic bin with touch-free lid.

All of our bins are lined with a biodegradable liner and scented absorption granules with bactericide which helps to eliminate odour and bacteria through an advanced vapour action.

Slimline 22 Litre – Manual lid

Our 22 Litre slimline sanitary bin has a slimline design which sits comfortably in any cubicle or open space bathroom.

The slimline bin provides the perfect height for easy reach and use and it comes with a manual lid.

Sanitary Bin
Femcare Touch-free

Our Femcare sanitary bin is the most hygienic sanitary waste product on the market.  It comes with an automatic lid for touch-free use, eliminating the risk of virus and bacteria through contact. The Femcare waste bin has a slim profile for easy access and placement in your toilet cubicle or bathroom.

The ABS plastic construction is easy to clean and antimicrobial agents are added to the moulding during manufacture which inhibits the growth of a broad spectrum of germs and reduces surface bacteria by up to 99.9%.

Femcare Automatic Sanitary Bin

Get What You Need
Our goal is to be your trusted, dependable partner when it comes to sanitary bins and bathroom hygiene. We will work with you to understand exactly what you need and provide a service that meets your budget for sanitary bins, air scenting, toilet sanitising, hand wash or whatever you need for your bathrooms.

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