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sanitary bins melbourne

We provide a range of sanitary bin options tailored to the unique requirements of your facilities. Our customer reviews show that we are reliable and consistent and you will not regret choosing us to take care of these essential services.

  • Our Goal: to be your trusted, reliable, long-term provider of sanitary bins and hygiene services.
  • Our Promise: to help you provide clean, fresh, hygienic facilities and never stuff you around.

Our Sanitary Bins

We provide two bathroom sanitary bin options for our customers. The most popular option is our touch-free AutoBin with automatic lid which provides contactless use and therefore the most hygienic option for your workplace.

AutoBin 24 Litre (Touch Free)

Our AutoBins are a solid option if you are looking to maximise hygiene as they come with touch-free automatic-opening lid, eliminating the risk of virus and bacteria spreading throughout your facilities. Our reliable team of service representatives will ensure that you are left with a working bin after each visit and we’re confident you’ll experience minimal down time due to annoying issues like flat batteries.

The AutoBin ABS plastic construction is easy to clean and antimicrobial agents are added to the during manufacture which inhibits the growth of a broad spectrum of germs and reduces surface bacteria by up to 99.9%. We clean your bin with Hospital-grade disinfectant every time we visit.

The waste bin has a slim profile for easy access and placement in your toilet cubicle or bathroom.

Measurements of our AutoBin:  H: 580mm  W: 390mm  D: 155mm

Touch free sanitary bin
touch free sanitary bin top
Slimline 22 Litre (Manual lid)

Our 22 Litre Slimline sanitary bin is available to those customers requiring two or more bins and looking for the most cost-effective option. The bin has a slimline design which sits comfortably in any cubicle or open space bathroom.  Our slimline bin provides the perfect height for easy reach and use and it comes with a manual lid.

Measurements of our Slimline bin:  H: 670mm  W: 180mm  D: 335mm

Sanitary Bin

What Can Be Placed in Our Sanitary Bins?
Our bins are suitable for all types of sanitary waste items and products such as tampons, pads, napkins, pantyliners and packaging.

How Often Should a Sanitary Bin be Emptied?
This really depends on the number of people using your female bathrooms each day.  The bulk of our office and small business clients find that one service visit each month is just right in terms of bins not overflowing or deteriorating cleanliness and presentation.  Once we get to understand your requirements and your budget, we make recommendations and check-in once everything is operational to see if our bins and service schedule is working for you.

Why Choose Refresh Hygiene for your Sanitary Bins?

BathroomWe Keep It Fresh.
When we provide your facilities with fresh sanitary bins, air scenting, hand wash and other essential products, people will be left with a positive impression and a sense that you care about their health & safety.

We Save Your Time.
We understand that your time is scarce and it shouldn’t be spent managing your supplier’s performance. Once we’ve agreed to a service schedule you can leave it to us and focus on your big priorities.

We Are Reliable.
We won’t miss your scheduled service. We are accountable to every customer through our Service Guarantee.

We Are Here If You Need Us.
We’ll give you multiple contact methods in case you need us. We will answer your call, listen and respond quickly. We won’t make you chase us.

Mon-Fri: 9:00am – 4:30pm
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