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Refresh Hygiene can provide a range of hand wash and hand sanitising options for your workplace. For a small monthly rental fee, we take the hassle out of providing hand wash facilities, monitoring supplies, topping up and maintaining equipment and dispensers so you never run out of supply.  We have a wide range of hand soap and sanitising options to meet your needs.



Good Hand Hygiene Can Help Mitigate Risks Around COVID-19 (Cornavirus).

A recent ABC News article titled “Hands are important in containing coronavirus and now is the time to start good hygiene habits” outlines how easily viruses can spread in the workplace and how good hand hygiene habits can make all the difference in terms of catching or spreading coranavirus.

Key Takeaways from the ABC News article:

  1. We touch our face an average 23 times per hour.
  2. Every time we touch our face, mouth or eyes we increase chance of infection from whatever is on our hands.
  3. The most critical time for washing hands at work is after sneezing or coughing and just before preparing/eating food.
  4. Washing hands with soap and running water is always the best option and where this is not practical, hand sanitiser with minimum 60% alcohol is sufficient to kill viruses present on hands (including coronavirus).
  5. Are you using a cloth/linen hand towel in your bathroom?  You are providing the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and virus and you are inviting multiple users to share the same wet cloth.  You should remove this risk by switching over to single use paper hand towel.


We Make Hand Hygiene Easy

We are here to help you with hand hygiene.  We can provide hand sanitiser, hand soap dispensers and paper towel which are all of the essential elements for your hand hygiene program.  The Refresh Hygiene team can easily incorporate these products into our regular service visits.

Hand Sanitiser (Dispenser Rental Service)  *** OUT OF STOCK ***

Making hand sanitising options available around the workplace are a great option to reduce spread of bacteria as they facilitate easy hand cleaning without having to travel to the nearest bathroom. We can install hand sanitiser dispensers in any location in your workplace from your tea room, factory, workshop or general office area.  Our hand sanitisers are alcohol based, waterless hand sanitising solution formulated to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria.  They are soft on hands and developed for daily use.

Foam Hand Sanitiser 70% Alcohol

Soap Dispensers (Foam or Regular soap)

We have a variety of foam soap and regular liquid soap options for your bathroom.   The refreshing and caring foam formula of our foam soap contains glycerine for extra care and moisturisers and conditioners and is especially ideal for when frequent washing is required, such as in hospitals, healthcare and aged care facilities.

We make hand wash easy with a fixed monthly service price including the pump dispenser (free on loan) and a constant supply of antibacterial soap.

Abrasive Soap (Grit Soap)

We provide abrasive soap (grit soap) for workplaces requiring deeper cleaning of hands i.e factory, construction or workshop employees.  Our abrasive soap is tough on dirt whilst containing moisturising agents so it’s gentle on hands and suitable for daily use.

Heavy Duty Hand Wash

Paper Hand Towel 

Single Use Paper Hand Towel is THE safest and most effective option for the all-important task of drying hands. Case in point, every major hospital in Australia has paper towel for hand drying.  Refresh Hygiene can offer a wide range of options from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC-certified) or recycled paper, through to deluxe, soft-to-touch paper for a more luxurious experience.  We sell a range of paper towel dispensers, which we can install as part of our service. Choose from our range of dispenser and paper options, we’ll manage your supplies when we visit and charge on consumption.

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