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If It Smells Good It’s All Good.

Odours can affect people’s mood, work performance and behaviours in a variety of ways. A bad bathroom odour almost certainly leads to people associating that experience with a negative opinion of a business, school or property more broadly.

Refresh Hygiene can provide simple and cost effective scenting options to mitigate bad odours and introduce more pleasant scents to positively shape people’s bathroom experience.

We offer a range of air scenting solutions suitable to any environment. The most popular choices amongst our customers are the Automatic Air Dispensers and the world’s most environmentally-friendly air freshener system VIVA!e.

Oxy-gen powered & VIVA!e

Our range of VIVA!e Air Fresheners are compact, stylish, contemporary, complimenting any room – from luxurious lounges to high traffic bathrooms.

There are no harmful emissions, solvents or propellants, the cartridge is 100% recyclable and safe to dispose (goes into our Recycling bin at the Refresh factory).  VIVA!e is one of the healthiest products of this type on the market with no nasty propellants or solvents and a vastly lowered count (up to 90% less) Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) being emitted when compared to aerosol cans.

VIVA!e is the only Air Freshener in the world that is Carbon Footprint approved. In an independent process, it has been assessed and verified for emissions and energy consumption and was found to have a significantly lower footprint compared to aerosol products in the market.


Carbon Footprint Approved Product
Oxygen Air
Automatic Air Dispensers

Our range of automatic air fresheners provide cost-effective scenting ensuring your environment smells clean and fresh all day and night.

Our dispensers automatically deliver bursts of fragrance at specific intervals keeping undesirable smells at bay. The settings can be tailored to match the specific requirements of every facility.

White Air Dispenser
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