Urinal Deep Cleaning

Refresh Hygiene has years of experience cleaning urinals and helping businesses to provide pleasant smelling, clean-looking and hygienic men’s bathrooms. Our Urinal Deep Clean service is effective for porcelain, waterless or stainless steel urinals. Our Service Technicians are highly trained and our cleaning techniques have been tried and tested over ten years in the business.

We know why your mens urinal looks dirty and smells terrible and we know how to fix it.

We use biodegradable chemicals and tools that won’t harm your facilities or marine life, whilst getting rid of unpleasant smells and sights.

Our cleaning services range from removing stains of all kinds from standard toilets to deep cleaning urinals. If you want to get your toilets and urinals back to a decent looking and smelling standard, send us an ​enquiry​.

Why Do Men’s Urinals Smell So Bad?
Most likely the answer is build up of Uric acid. Your urinal is due for a Deep Clean. After repeated and prolonged use, regardless of the volume or frequency of flushing (or no water at all), there is a sustained build up of uric acid in all areas of the urinal such as the trap, cover, pipe, base, wall and the step or surrounding floor.

The Refresh Hygiene team can remove the terrible smell in your men’s urinal.

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Urinal Wave Mats & Deoderisers
We have a range of urinal cleaners, deoderisers and sanitisers which we can provide for your business as part of a regular service. Depending on what you require, we’ll recommend the right product to reduce uric acid build up and leave you with decent smelling urinals.

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