Tampon Vending Machines

Female bathroom

Constant, reliable access to quality hygiene products for your staff, students and guests.

Our vending machines are wall mounted across many bathrooms in Melbourne.  They allow your staff, students or guests to have constant and reliable access to tampons and pads from the privacy of your bathroom.  No power required. Insert a $2 coin and the product is distributed.

How Much Do They Cost?
To provide these machines in your workplace or school campus, you’ll pay a small rental fee for the machine, which includes installation, maintenance and support.  Refresh Hygiene will maintain and re-supply the products, at the same time supporting The Period Project by donating one product to people experiencing homelessness for every product sold!

Tampon & Pad vending machine
Buy One, Give One to support The Period Project

We believe everyone deserves access to basic hygiene products like tampons and pads. We are a proud financial supporter of The Period Project,​ who are caring for women, transmen and non-binary people experiencing homelessness by providing sanitary products, help and support.

For every product that is sold through our vending machines, we will donate one product to support people experiencing homelessness through The Period Project.

‘In 2019 we collaborated with 50+ partners to distribute more than 10,000 Period Packs, providing dignity and relieving pain and anxiety that women experience when they’re sleeping rough and their period arrives.’ – The Period Project

To find out more or make a donation, head to The Period Project page.

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